Every day there is a need of million times of fire all around the world. This offers the opportunity to place the advertising message for a product, a service or a company in the spotlight of the user.

Our models


Almost unlimited possibilities of use make lighters to a long runner in the advertising. Actual printing and finishing methods gives lighters an unique design and guarantee a succesful brand performance. The brand crikets stays for highest quality and safety in the segment of advertising lighters. Innovative, fashionable design in combination with ripened technique make cricket lighters to a must in the marketing mix. The smooth flint-wheel ignition, the reliable piezo mechanism and user-friendly child resistant systems are features of this brand lighters. Tanks made of non-flammable, self-extinguishing nylon and fixed-flame-system care about absolutely safety of the user. Criket lighters can be printed on all 4 sides. With digital sleeve and wrapping you get 360°effect of your advertising. On top of a large range of standard body colors the lighters can be produced in nearly all PMS colors.

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  • ISO 9001, ISO 994, GS certified
  • Reliable operation flint wheel and piezo mechanism
  • More than 60 quality checks during process
  • Made in EU (The Netherlands), except Maxi/Maxi Metal (Philippines)


  • User friendly child resistant systems
  • Lighters made of non-flammable, self-extinguishing nylon
  • Fixed Flame System to avoid dangerous tall flames
  • Heat resistant to temperatures exceeding 65°Celsius
  • Tight closing valves prevent permanent loss of gas


  • Fashionable, slim design in many trendy colors
  • Special body colors available from 50.000 pieces
  • Special colors of caps and levers on request

Creativity And Variety

  • Screen and tampon printing on all 4 sides
  • 360° motive by digital sleeve
  • 360° motive by wrapping


  • Cricket Lighters contain two or three times more gas than lighters without nylon bodies